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to provide order to a part of -- on the flanks to their imperial interests in india. the southern coast of the gulf had been called in the 1800s, the pirate coast, and the constantly feuding tribes fused with one another, which spill out into the sea-born approaches to india, and result in attacks on india, and possibly resulting weakness that might bring another great power. so the british found themselves pulled into the gulf in the 1800s. not to colonize as they did further to the east in india but, rather to maintain order there, and they did, with a relatively small amount of military force. but you're right, the story in the 1800s, and the 1900s, until the early 1970s, was one of british control over the persian gulf. and it was in the aftermath of world war world car -- world war ii, the british began their slow, prolonged entrend. in the gulf. with the independence of india in the late 1940s, the british lost the rationale for the military presence in the gulf, and they lost to a degree the money to pay for the military presence that maintained order for so long. >> host: did th
there are good guys and bad guys, but there are guys the pakistans supports, the guys that india has supported, the russia has intended -- >> india is a big player here, fareed. because if you look through indian history from the guptas to the mull rans, the moguls, the dynasty, others, what you see is for many periods of indian history or subcontinent history, the same empire that controlled the northern third of india also controlled most of pakistan and half of afghanistan, so afghanistan is not foreign to india. it's part of the sub continental conflict system. so we can leave afghanistan, the u.s. can. but india, you will always have deep equities there and if we desert afghan precipitously, you might see india moving closer diplomatically to russia in order to contain things there, in order to make sure afghanistan does not become just a radical islamic extension of pakistani isi control. >> so we are on track in the united states to withdraw from afghanistan over the next two years. tell us what -- what emerges as we withdraw. >> what emerges is that iran will have much greater influenc
five years ago, we thought china and india and other emerging economies might sign on to emissions reduction and therefore if we reduced emissions, perhaps global temperatures would be reduced. i don't take a position on whether man-made emissions cause global warming are not, but if we are reducing emissions in china and india, which make up 37% of the worlds population are not doing so, we're not going to have any effect on global temperatures. in the first chapter of the book i talk about geoengineering solutions that nobel prize winning scientists paul crookston thinks could reduce global temperatures if we adjust honoring such as spurring water or painting rooms white to reflect the sun rays. what we are doing with the $12 billion they spent on alternative energy is pushing people into cars they don't want to buy. we are raising electricity costs. we are getting rid of incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lightbulbs. the cost of this falls disproportionately on to those who are least able to afford it. the lowest of the income distribution according to recent data assessme
to india tolet caribbean and various place us to get a procedure because it was done well and cheaper. and so it can happen here. we need a free market system with competition to prove at, that's all. >> it seems like that is one thing we do differently here than other countris and that is having more competition. tort reform not so much. but competition. >> i come from a count reap where the country is the government who are forcing all of the prices down. you need competition. fundmentally americans are paying too much and they are suffering. >> go out in new york and shop a knee replacement. you will find the bill all over the charts is no transparency in the hospital. you force them to be transparent. >> still doctors out there to beef up want bill to cover other costs including malpractice surance. which is why we need tort reform. >> and you are telling me aspirin doesn't cost ever upon you? buy a home in america you can get automatic citizenship. get automatic citizenship. we debate and you decide. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. th
at some of the worst first. president obama's 2010 trip to india, remember that one? u.s. congresswoman michele bachmann and others on the right were up in arms over rumors about what the trip would cost. >> i think we know that just within a day or so, the president of the united states will be taking a trip over to india that is expected to cost the taxpayers $200 million a day. we have never seen a trip at this level before, of this level of excess. and i think it's not a good signal to send to the american people when the american people are quite frankly struggling right now with high job losses. >> anyway, for comparison, by the way, $200 million a day would have surpassed the daily cost of the war in afghanistan at the time. that nonfactual story from michele bachmann about the cost of obama's trip was started by an unnamed source on an indian news website and somehow got into the ether. rush limbaugh. remember the first day of the republican convention was canceled due to hurricane isaac? well, rush then floated the idea that president obama was somehow involved with the weather
so long as done consistently. that's perfectly all right. one system i like is in place in india all passengers get a full manual pat down in a curtain booth by a member of the same-sex who is clearly trained to be courteous and respectful. private stores or other organizations who feel that the bulky clothing is a theft whether of shoplifting or terrorism could substitute a rule banning floor-length coats. they could have a body scanner the the door. but they don't presumably preferring customer friendliness to the extra margin of safety. what i want to establish is the discrimination inherent in the belief that it poses a unique security risk. reasonable security policy apply to similar cases are perfectly fine. a reasonable demand would be that a muslim womb -- woman have a full face photograph with suitable protection for modest i did during the photosession such a photoshould be required and most islamic scholars grow. i don't think it would be incompatible with equal liberty. however, we also know by now that the face is a very bad identifier. at immigration check point bs, eye
-cholesterol drug is being recalled by its manufacturer because it may be contaminated. india-based drugmaker ranbaxy says a total of 41 lots of its generic version of lipitor may contain tiny glass particles. the recall is voluntary and with the knowledge of the fda. this is the same company that came under fire in 2006 and 2008 because of poor conditions of two of its plants in india. >>> in bangladesh they're trying to figure out what caused that deadly fire at a crowded clothing factory. last night the fire ripped through this nine-story building with 2,000 people inside. at least 117 people were killed and 200 injured. many jumped for their lives. cnn international anchor jonathan mann is here with more on this. this is not the first time a fire has happened of this magnitude at a plant or factory in that region. >> in that region, in that industry. bangladesh has thousands of factories making, sad to say, making the clothing a lot of people are buying this weekend. they export a lot of clothing to us. it's a massive earner for the country. but they have lost hundreds of workers in just
tomatoes. >> dlish. >> let me ask you about your international expansion. why new delhi, india? >> nobody is in it. >> it won the look for you. it's good to go for people that look to you. if you have to find them it dunn work. >> they came to you. >> they made a big offer. >> couldn't refuse. >> sirio has been delightful. cheers. congratulations to all of you. thank you so much. cheers. >> my thanks to mario, marco, mauro and sirio maccioni. >> now to a weekend where eating takes such high priority. food for thought from mayor booker who will soon be making do with less. r gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. [ female announcer ] today, it's not just about who lives in the white house, it's about who lives in the yellow house, the green, and the apartment house, too. today we not only honor the oval office, but we honor the cubicle, and the home office as well. because today it's about all of us. and no matter who you are, you're the commander-in-chief of your own life. ♪ i heard you guys can shi
recalled by its manufacturer because it may be contaminated. india-based drugmaker ranbaxy says a total of 41 of its drug version lipitor may contain glass particles. the company said the recall was voluntary and with the knowledge of the fda. this is the same company that came under fire from the fda in 2006 and 2008 because of poor conditions at two of its manufacturing plants in india. >>> are your feet tired from looking for those door-buster deals this weekend? or are you wondering if you could find better deals online? there's an app for that. our cnn money tech reporter laurie segal puts some holiday shopping apps to the test. >> reporter: it's officially holiday season and there are a lot of ways to use your smartphone. find a lot of great deals using your smartphone. we're here at toys "r" us to start out our morning. we used an app red laser to get a good price on one of the season's hottest toys, furby. type in the item and it will find stores nearby that carry it. $54, it matches what they said on my app. the teal furbie, i can get it right here. here's the catch. just becau
shopping at the gilroy outlets. the items purchased were for one of the sister's wedding in india. >>> well, it took a while but rescue teams were able to save a man who was trapped in a drainage pipe. at about 9:00 last night, he got stuck inside a 16-inch shaft behind the best buy store on fitzgerald drive in pin knoll and he was really in there. about seven feet below the surface of a hillside. crews couldn't see him at first. >> we made verbal contact with the victim. and he was agitated. but said he wasn't injured but stuck completely horizontally. belly down, feet down. in the corrugated pipe that was angled at about 60% grade. >> crews had to excavate the drainpipes in order to get the man out. the whole operation took about three hours. and this is a photograph of the rescue effort. the victim said he had used the area called a catch basin to stay warm in the past. he also told authorities that he was homeless. paramedics treated him for abrasions, hypothermia and dehydration and then took him to a hospital. >>> well, black friday wasn't as black this year. not because less people a
for a sister's wedding in india. >>> two police officers were injured in a san jose house party last night. police responded to shots of house fired in the 3,000 block of pat avenue shortly before 11:00. when they arrived people started throwing battles at them and hit one of the officers. a man tried the drag an officer into the backyard but he got away. >> officers continued to get -- to get bottles thrown and objects and second officer was injured trying to take some suspects into custody. >> it took several hours and about 60 officers to break up the brawl. 42 people were arrested on charges ranging from assault with a deadly weapon to misdemeanors. >>> after the excesses of black frill, some people are looking for a more -- friday, some people are looking for a more civilized way to shop. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo on the importance of small business saturday. >> reporter: $500.12. >> reporter: after the rampage on chains like macy's and union square on black friday. today was small business saturday and burling game the payday was anything but small. >> business has been amazing.
and the items purchased were for one of the sisters' weddings in india. >>> several big retailers opened on thanksgiving night. consumers spent 11.2 billion at stores across the u.s. yesterday, and that's down 2% from last year. of course, black friday is centered largely around the nation's big businesses. >> we got the champion, small business. small businesses. >> governor romney talks about small businesses, small businesses, small businesses. >> we hear a lot about small businesses, especially during presidential campaigns. and today, president obama did his part by hitting an independent bookstore in virginia. >>> the truth is, though, small businesses need a lot more attention than just one day a year, but on this day, the mom- and-pop stores will take all the attention they can get. here's more on the big small saturday. >> reporter: if things went as well this year for many small businesses as they did last year, well, then, small businesses did okay. of course, that's the idea between small business saturday. between black friday which this year got a head start with thanksgivi
to the great man, on this one he was completely and utterly wrong. because, in fact, the future of india is not made in villages which too often remain mired in the poverty that has plagued most of humanity throughout almost all of its existence. it is the cities, it is bangalore, mumbai, it is delhi that are the places that are the pathways out of poverty into prosperity. they are the places that are the conduits, the channels across civilizations and continents and the place where india's transforming itself from a place that was practically a synonym for poverty and deprivation to a place that is bubbling with opportunity. now, in some success -- in some sense, it's something of a paradox. distance is dead, every single one of us could just telecommute in to whatever, you know, whatever business employs us. occupying in whatever spot appeals to our biofill ya, and yet in so many cases we choose urban life. we choose the inconveniences, the high cost of living in urban areas despite the fact that all this new technology would make cities obsolete, it was predicted, and yet bag google w
or italian. the cardinals hail from columbia, india, lebanon, nigeria, the philippines and one from the united states. a sign of where the church is growing in the global belt of asia and africa and with the elevation of the six cardinals, pope benedict xvi's papacy may go down in history as perhaps putting in place more members of the exclusive club than any before him and he has appointed well over half of the 120 men who will vote for his successor. >> benedict put a stamp not only on the college of cardinals but on the bishops that he has been appointing around the world, and, that is part of his legacy and it will be interesting to see how that plays out. >> reporter: the elevation of lebanon's cardinal is significant. showing how important the region is to the catholic church. the trip to syria was recently cancelled because of the unrest there. >> he's emphasizing the importance of the middle east and putting someone in there who really i think is a peace maker and willing to dialogue with all of the different parties, i think that is very important. >> reporter: pope benedic
. the family was shopping for gifts to take to them to india. as they returned home just before sunrise, the family's suv drifted off the road and hit the back of a chp car on 101. the chp officer, who pulled off the however to help a driver change a flat tire, suffered minor injuries. the sisters who died were 24 years old and 20 years old. injured is a third sister, and an underage sister whose name was not row leased. their father and his wife. >>> a flash fire broke out inside u.s. state department today, injuring four people, one critically. officials say the fire started in the ductwork. workers were able to put out the fire before firefighters arrived. there were few federal employees the building because of the holiday weekend. >> right now building inspectors in massachusetts are trying to dherm extent of the damage caused by an explosion. the blast destroyed a strip club friday in springfield and 41 other buildings. it injured 18 people, including some first responders. the blast was an our after gas company workers were called in to investigate a gas leak. you can see the rem
and alcoholism and drug abuse. something about indians that makes them lazy or irresponsible . when india's own their own land they do about as well as other americans. >> nobody chooses poverty. we have been legislated by the federal government's both in the united states and canada. john: thy have been taking care of you. that sounds like the best deal. >> well, by taking care of us that means providing social welfare programs. the only way to break the cycle of poverty, i believe, is by the recognition that every other canadian and american takes for granted, real property rights. john: n canada reserves are on by the government. so the indian has some piece of paper that says this is my lot. >> but underlying that is the fact that in canada the federal government owns the land. john: so you can't borrow against it. >> you can borrow, get a mortgage, be bonded. there is nothing that you can have that will allow you to be able to go to the bank on your own without the minister cosigning that loan. john: does bring another guest. economist terry anderson. you find indians do much better when t
and citizenship. peoples of egypt, india, algeria and africa clearly did not fit the presidency of educated elites and by their definition close to life unworthy of life, unquote. but these transfer marinade for a decade. in the meantime, american prosperity continues spreading to the rest of the civilized world. american advertisers come the film in the literature became highly desired in europe. it's another irony at this time. american movie saudi production emphasizes universal american team, sexualization, other top devices. american movie sold american exceptionalism, including puritanical moralist and as one observer put it. they occasionally need people such as keaton and charlie chaplin. is it is all done tongue-in-cheek to undermine the system itself. in 1832 u.s. at 18,000 movie houses and compared to francis, 2400 britain's 3000. europe simply could not compete with hollywood and american exceptionalism from the europeans want to be like mike. inflation, communist, agitation, ethnic unrest in the slow contradictions of versailles and cause the postwar european structure to crumble into
there were in india last year? there was one in 2011. there have been zero since that time. we are down to three countries that have polio. that is one of the works of the gates foundation. bill is going to come out and talk for a few moments on another passion of his, which is u.s. education. he will speak here for a few moments. then we have asked david leonhardt, who is the bureau chief of "the new york times" if he will come and join bill up here on our stage and continue with an interview for a few moments. i spoke to david it ahead of time and asked him if he would do this interview. david is a pulitzer prize winner. he asked -- is there was a gates prize? i said -- no, there is not a gates price, david. i hope i didn't take too big a liberty here. in asking in to come, i have committed on behalf of the gates foundation -- when there is a gates prize, that david leonhardt will be the first recipient. [laughter] let me present bill gates. [applause] >> thank you. good afternoon. i want to talk a bit about higher education. the reason i picked that is because i think it has been a h
, when a tiger takes down like -- like in india, the bengal tiger, i've seen them take down a water buffalo in less than ten seconds. it's like a bomb going off. beyond anything like a grenade going off inside something. they are also one of the only cats in the world that when they can eat up to 30, 40 pounds at one sitting, even their stomachs can explode sometimes and kill the animal. plus most cats like lion will not eat petrified meat. >> what do you feed them with? >> this is a special diet we have for the cats. you heard that little growling? you hear that in the wild, your pants won't be dry. >> my pants aren't very dry at the moment, jack. i can tell you that. they may be small but when they're this close they are quite big. >> you appreciate now, see, that's what being here with you means a lot to us because now, because of millions of people you reach, you now are seeing one of the rarest creatures in the world, you can see the power we're talking about. you also can see the beauty of the animal. it would be a tragedy to see this animal go into extinction. there are sever
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gifts. she was going to go to a wedding in india. there are two people that are still in critical condition. the two year-o 12 year-old girl and the 20 year-old are not wearing seat belts. >> there is already buzz about oscars. >> this live look outside. we have not seen this. the people and walnut creek are also probably enjoying this, we will be back..... what are you doing there? i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right? [ kiss ] thank you ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> this jackpot for the power pole lottery has grown to the largest size, ever. that is because nobody chose the winning numbers yesterday. the top prize could be larger than that because the sales will pick up on the sales before. previously, the record jackpot was 365 million. the power ball is on wednesday.
of the fusion back to the united states. it's why gm is bringing back some of its functions from india to michigan. it's why you've seen lenovo bring laptop manufacturing from china. american manufacturers have a great work force, as you've pointed out, will, we have great energy costs and we can successfully compete if we're playing that game, but we've got to play that game. >> hold on, will, because until i get the 90-minute version of this show where we can discuss where anybody in the world can supply manufacturing, and i know what you're thinking, that nobody should be doing it. i think we should do this again. will cain said something very uncharitable about my suit, by the way. >> when you're taking pictures of ali velshi, make sure you note this is not colonel sanders' suit. it's tan, not white. >>> fracking is putting americans back to work even as environmental concerns grow. i'm going to squeeze some energy out of this topic. right after we pay the bills. "your money" is back after this. wow. nice place. yeah. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth mo
is based in india. it is now calling back 40 batches of that generic pill. >>> okay, if your home is bursting at the seams with black friday weekend deals, well, pat yourself on the back because you helped to set a record. the national retail federation says 247 million shoppers hit the stores and websites for post-thanksgiving sales, that's up from last year's 226 billion. and the average person spent $423 this weekend. last year shoppers left under just 400 bucks in the stores. in all bargain hunter consumers spent a record $59.1 billion this weekend. that's compared to last year's 52.4 billion. it looks like those thanksgiving door buster deals really work wonders. the trade association estimates that 28% of the shoppers were in the stores before midnight thursday night. okay. now we're just hours away from another big shopping blitz. that's cyber monday. but lori siegel explains you can avoid a lot of the confusion while online searching while trying to find the very best deals. >> cyber monday spending is expected to top $1.5 billion this year. that's up from last year, but t
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is india, indonesia, or brazil. there are using a mobile phone to access facebook because they have not had access to the broadband laptop or pc. there isn't a infrastructure like there is in the u.s. people here will say it is good to hear updates from france. in the middle east, facebook provide updates to news and people who have any access to affirmation of and you get a story about what facebook means to them. i -- that is awesome. >> do you notice things that they behave differently like a system? they sure more pictures, less links, or ever want interests the same why? >> one interesting thing is cameras. which is something interesting thing. four billion may have access to a touch screen, a gps, a touch screen that was more powerful than what sentence to space, hopefully for a cheap price. we look at that and we say, all these people are going to have video cameras and cameras in their pockets and they will be able to have a lands and to the world that they can share with us. we look at found as being not just consumption devices but also publishing tools and that is an exciting way
that kills his family and most of the animalsen route from india to zoos in north america. it's a promise that will make us believe in god. but do we believe in pi? i won't reveal any secrets, but the look of the scenes on that life boat tells you much. it isn't real. but it isn't fake. it's in between. transdentally in between. in a realm in which the colors grow a little more brightly and the sea is a mirror in which clouds above mingle with fish below. it's in 3-d in some theaters. i don't care if you're sick of the surcharge and it gives you headaches, see it like that and be drawn into its unique reality. >> i would have died by now. reporter: that tiger, because of a bureaucratic mix-up, has the human name richard parker. but it isn't... hold on, i need to say this way -- anthropomorphasized. however much it learns to tolerate pi, it's an animal. awesome and deadly. as in the book by juan martell the teen-aged pi longs for a sign from god, any god, cristian, hindu, muslim. but the true higher power of life of pi is abstract. it's story telling. something soul-killing has taken place
six new cardinals telling them to be more like jesus. they're from across the globe, the u.s., india, nigeria, yom i colombia and the philippines. >> we've heard of people converting from different religious but more are going back to thes religious they grew up with. >> hay there. this is a growing social trend. increasing numbers of u.s. adults are returning to the religion under which they were raised. over 90% have gone back to the religion of their childhood. we discovered the structure and values they were raised with. challenging events like hurricane sandy and the tough economy are among the prime reasons. >> for me personally, it was when things looked down, i look up. i think in my experience here, we see a lot of that, where people hit a low and need somewhere to turn and look and they look up and look for god or some kind of faith. >> what is really interesting about rebirths is they appear to be genuinely returning for spiritualty not just support. it's more about reconnecting with their original belief system, shannon. >> they may begin to come back for no, nostalgic re
foreign competition in china and india getting ahead of us. is the model we have in place for teaching our kids that was built in the industrial age sufficient for the information age? is the curriculum in place sufficient for the 21st century to develop new businesses to bring the economy forward? >> that is a softball question. [laughter] no. when we built as education system, summers were also taken work on farms. it was a compromise with farmers. that is why we have the schedule. when we put that system in place, there were no cars, planes, were electric lights. computers, on and on. the bottom line is we have an over allegiance to the system based on the stock to a. -- based on nostalgia. my mother went to the school. my grandmother went to the school. you cannot close the school. 95% students were failing and parents were still fighting for the school. i ask them and they said, my grandmother went to the school. i would say, the grandmother passed? your kids are not passing. [laughter] i believe in sentimentality, nostalgic, and preserving neighborhood icons. if you are failing 95% o
-profit and federal education policy. speakers with the bill and mel india gates foundation and education department are expected to talk about federal rules and role of private enterprise in public education. our live coverage begins monday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> listen to mayor bloomberg, who said damage was unprecedented, it may be the worst storm the city faced and title surge previous high was 10 feet, for this storm 14. governor christie said the damage in new jersey unthinkable. we had fires. we had hurricane-force winds. we had massive flooding. feet of snow. look at that and flooding and shutdown of the stock exchanges you get a sense of massive scale and scope of the storm. and yet networks performed. i have read dozens of stories the last couple of weeks about how for many consumers, only links was through their smart phone. linking social media and smart phonephone. while there was an impact on cell sites, i think networks performed really pretty well. >> my assessment here is some networks did well. some network $less well. we don't have solid information about this because
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